5 Most Popular Technology Magazines For Indians

1. Digit

Digit is the most popular technology magazine available in all over India. You can purchase Digit through any of your nearest bookshops. Both Digit and Chip are my favourite technology magazines and I read both of them every month. It looks very comic and most interesting that attracts the reader’s attention on the stories.

As same as Chip, it also contains tips and tricks but not every month and it will make you updated with the monthly tech events of all over the world. Here’s the official site of Digit magazine.

2. Computer World

Computer World is also a technology magazine for Indians. It is most popular in MP of India and available in all over India. It is one of the oldest magazines in India and contains trusted and accurate technological information. Here is it’s official site.

3. Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper is another technology magazine and can be purchased from all over the world. You can find this magazine from your nearest bookshop. In case it is not available at your nearby places, you can order it from its website.

4. Developer IQ

Developer IQ is an Indian Software magazine that provides you quality information on many technological topics. Developer IQ is mainly filled with information related to software like Software Industries and jobs in software industries. Instead of software, it also publishes very useful information on banks, institutions, libraries and education etc.You can find more information about this magazine on its official website.

5. PCQuest

PCQuest, Indian technology publication is known as the most authentic source of IT purchase decision making content for enterprises and consumers.

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